Мировой спрос на золото вырос на 65 в 3 квартале 2011 года и достиг нового рекорда

Такие данные предоставляет World Gold Council по итогам монтиронига рынка золота в III квартале нынешнего года.Совокупный спрос на золото достиг уровня в 1.054 тонны, что в долларовом выражении составляет $ 57.7 миллиардов и это новый… рекорд.Центральные банки купили золото  III квартале в размере 148.4 тонн против 22.6 в том же периоде прошлого года.Инвестиционный спрос вырос на 33% до уровня в 468.1 тонн.Спрос на слитки и монеты вырос на 29% и достиг показателя в 390.5 тонн.Интригующие цифры по Европе, где спрос на слитки и монеты вырос до 118.1 тонн против 50.3 тонн в прошлом году.Из стран Еврозоны, во Франции спрос достиг 4.9 тонн в III квартале против 300 килограмм в том же периоде 2010 года.В Германии спрос вырос до 59.3 тонн, почти вдвое выше прошлогоднего уровня.

В среднем получилось, что в Европе покупали по 10 тонн в квартал, в слитках и золоте, начиная с 2005 года.При этом впервые в истории, за первые пять кварталов, европейский спрос на слитки и золото, превышал спрос со стороны Китая и Индии.Спрос со стороны китайских ювелиров вырос на 13% до 131 тонны, впервые  с 2009года, опередив спрос со стороны индийских ювелиров.Опередили китайцы Индию и с точки зрения инвестиционного спроса.В Индии этот спрос снизился на 23% до 203 тонн, по сравнению с прошлым годом, а в Китае вырос на 16% до 192 тонн.Объем предложения доступного к продаже золото вырос только на 2% и достиг 1034 тонн, а объем золотодобычи в мире вырос на 5% до 746 тонн.Продажи золотого лома выросли на 12.5% до 426.5 тонн, что стало максимумом с 2010 года.Как метко заметил господин Грабб, который является управляющим директором WGC, теперь "… золото не западная инвестиция в страх… а средство инвестиций и  накопления богатства в Азии..."

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Китайская компания Shandong Gold Group готова купить за 1 млрд долларов Бразильскую горно-рудную компанию Jaguar Mining. Если сделка состоится, то это будет одним из крупнейших зарубежных приобретений китайского золотодобытчика.

BEIJING, Nov 16 (Reuters) — China's Shandong Gold Group, the parent of Shandong Gold Mining Co Ltd and a big gold producer, has made a $1 billion offer to acquire Brazil's Jaguar Mining Inc, two sources close to the deal told Reuters on Wednesday.
Shandong Gold is offering $9.30 per share in cash, a 73 percent premium to Jaguar's Tuesday close in New York. Jaguar shares surged more than 47 percent to $7.94 in afternoon trading on the New York Stock Exchange.
The deal would help Jaguar secure financing for its Gurupi project, which has been running into funding difficulties over the past year. Jaguar ran into a free cash flow shortfall this year as the expenses of developing Gurupi ate away on cash. The project is expected to start operations around 2014.
A purchase of Jaguar could also fuel mergers and acquisitions activity among so-called junior mining companies, which has remained dormant in recent weeks amid declines in minerals and precious metals prices. The prospect for a global recession is allowing cash-strong miners to buy smaller rivals at depressed valuations.
If Shandong is successful, the deal would be one of the biggest overseas acquisitions by a Chinese gold miner. The Chinese miner is also seeking to anticipate the possible approval of a law in Brazil's Congress that could make it tougher for foreign miners to acquire local rivals and ramp up mining royalty payments.
Jaguar acknowledged in a press release later on Wednesday that it received proposals to buy the company over the past few weeks. The company hired financial and legal advisors to assist it, but warned the process may not end in a sale.
John Bridges, an analyst with JPMorgan Securities in New York, said that a competing bid for Jaguar is unlikely.
«This bid, if successful, would solve the financing issues Jaguar faces as it seeks to build its Gurupi project,» Bridges wrote in a note to clients. «As the scope of the project grows, it could face higher capital costs.»
Shandong Gold, which made the current offer about two weeks ago, «has prepared cash to get the deal done,» said one of the sources, who declined to be named because he was not authorized to speak to the media.
Taking advantage of a strong yuan, Chinese resources companies have been hunting overseas for the minerals needed to power the country's fast-growing economy.
«This is a positive development for the overall sector,» said Yan Chen, metals and mining analyst at Standard Chartered Bank.
«So far, there are not a lot of Chinese companies that have bought gold resources overseas.»
Shandong Gold, a state-owned company, is one of China's top three gold miners. Its listed arm produced 19.41 tonnes of mined gold in 2010. The group has said it owns about 800 tonnes of gold resources.
Jaguar Mining is one of Brazil's fastest-growing gold producers, with operations in a prolific greenstone belt in the state of Minas Gerais. Jaguar's main development project is Gurupi, which holds reserves of 2.3 million ounces.
Li Zhongyi, vice general manager of Shandong Gold in charge of international deals, declined to comment. A spokesman for Jaguar was not immediately available for comment.

Gold, a traditional safe-haven investment, hit an all-time high in September, reaching $1920.30. It has since fallen about 8 percent, although it remains expensive by historical standards.
Acquisitions have been on the rise in the sector because companies, concerned about depletion at existing mines and poor new discovery rates, are desperate to increase their reserves, said Michael Jansen, a precious metals analyst with JPMorgan.
«Gold companies will tell you they are in the business of expanding mining supply organically, but in reality they are in the business of buying new assets, particularly in the case of many large miners who are struggling to replace lost production,» Jansen said at a conference in China last week.
There had been $28 billion worth of completed M&As in the gold sector so far this year, he said.
Notable deals this year include Newmont Mining Corp's $2.3 billion acquisition of Fronteer Gold Inc and AuRico Gold Inc's $1.5 billion deal to buy Northgate Minerals Corp.
Other recent resources M&A deals from China included Minmetals Resources Ltd's planned $1.28 billion takeover of Africa-focused copper miner Anvil Mining Ltd and Sinopec Group's C$2.2 billion ($2.1 billion) agreement in October to buy Canadian oil and gas explorer Daylight Energy Ltd.
Sinopec Group is the parent of China Petroleum & Chemical Corp (Sinopec).
Правительства рассматривают вопрос выпуска долговых бумаг который ориентированы на стоимость золота. В качестве одного из вариантов финансирования долгового рынка периферии также рассматривается вариант выпуска золотых облигаций. 

GOLD: Looking at physical demand — the SPDR Gold Trust holdings were unchanged Thursday. Some traders talking about a World Gold Council briefing with the council's Natalie Dempster yesterday that discussed a proposal to use gold-backed bonds (sovereign bonds partially secured by gold) as an alternative to the ECB's OMTs or its securities market program
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