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Спрос коммерческих банков на кредиты сроком «овернайт» резко вырос по сравнению с предыдущим днем. Остатки коммерческих банков на депозитах в ЕЦБ немного снизились.

Спрос банков на кредиты "овернайт"
  • 13 марта 2012, 12:16
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Видимо, греческие банки репанулись в ЕЦБ:

Eur15.6 bln borrowed from ECB Monday; Greece PSI assumed
LONDON, Mar 13 (IFR) — Borrowing at the European Central Bank's Marginal Lending Facility spiked to Eur15.61 bln Monday, up from Eur632 mln last Friday. While superficially alarming as it very much represents big stress within the Euro banking system, realize this isn't quite so distressing given widespread assumptions it reflects a need from Greek banks revolving around the Private Sector Involvement outcome. Remember the (apparently successful) resolution of the PSI means the new Greek bonds coming out of the exchange are now eligible for ECB operations (they had been restricted from such when ratings agencies placed Greece on Selective Default before the PSI went through). Hence the assumption is the funding for Greek banks has switched from Emergency Liquidity Assistance provided by the Bank of Greece (assumed to be used when Greek debt was placed in Selective Default) back into ECB operations. But with no ECB operations until today's weekly MRO (settling Wednesday), Greek banks have not yet had a chance to finance at formal ECB ops and so instead are presumably responsible for the tap on the Marginal Lending Facility. Admittedly none of this is good news as it still demonstrates extraordinary stress within the Euro banking system and, to the extent the above is true, the Greek banking system. But it is also widely expected and so should not be very relevant for the broader markets at present.

Bundfuture  на немецкие займы, не удержавшись  вчера  вечером на 139 фигуре, сегодня вечером выбил за один час всех бычков остновившись пока на 137, 8. 
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